Failover Internet

Take control of your internet outage

When your business internet connection goes down, you are no longer able to communicate with anyone, you lose access to your cloud and applications and of course this results in revenue loss. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. And in addition to direct costs, network outages also put at risk the future of your business as it affects your reputation and your customers’ satisfaction

But you don’t have to experience this painful situation. Internet failover is essentially a backup internet connection that creates redundancy to your primary connection. Your network traffic is routed over a secondary connection when a business’s primary. Internet connection fails, or experiences packet loss or latency spikes. Wireless failover protection delivers superior failover diversification to wireline-only redundancy solutions. With a failover Internet solution the data automatically switches over from Wi-Fi to LTE, preventing you from losing signal

For some sectors, a reliable redundant internet connection is not optional: 

  • Healthcare sector where 24/7 connectivity is critical.
  • POS outages for retail, restaurants and food services mean immediate losses in revenue
  • Supply chain performance and transportation safety depends on always-on communication
  • Outages and latency can result in dramatical issues in the finance sector where massive and global transactions take place on a daily basis

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