Global IoT Connectivity

Connect things, people, buildings, and applications using a single IoT SIM

Unmatched IoT Connectivity

Deplofy IoT SIM ensures fast data speeds and consistent signal quality worldwide, thanks to its fully-owned core network and advanced SIM multi-carrier and auto-switching technology. With Deplofy IoT SIM, businesses and individuals can stay connected seamlessly and access digital services anywhere in the world, without compromising on data speeds or signal quality.

Why Deplofy?

IoT Connectivity

Deplofy IoT SIM offers a strong a reliable connectivity to businesses worldwide. Connect your own wireless devices with our IoT global data physical or eSIM, or choose from our hardware solutions. From energy management to industrial automation and logistics, Deplofy delivers scalable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity solutions that drive innovation and growth.
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Global IoT Solutions

GPS tracking

Deplofy GPS tracking platform and  IoT SIM are two powerful tools for monitoring the location of moving assets and vehicles worldwide. Using an advanced IoT SIM technology, Deplofy enables real-time tracking, mapping, and analysis of movement data from any tracking device. With reliable and accurate location information, businesses can optimize logistics, improve productivity, and increase operational efficiency and reduce the risk and consequences of inaccurate decision making.

Digital transformation

Deplofy IoT sim provides a complete suite of solutions, including GPS tracking and IoT sensors, to enable businesses to transform their operations through digitalization. By seamlessly integrating devices and assets with its platform, Deplofy offers real-time data analytics, automation, and optimization that can drive innovation, efficiency, and cost savings for businesses across various industries.

Travel eSIM

With Deplofy Travel SIM, Travelers can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data on their mobile phones in 200+ countries, thanks to its permanent roaming options. Deplofy IoT SIM’s global connectivity solution provides seamless communication and access to digital services worldwide, making it the perfect tool for today’s mobile workforce.

IoT Sensors

Deplofy IoT SIM provides a range of IoT sensors that deliver accurate and reliable data for different applications. From temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors to motion, proximity, and light sensors, Deplofy’s sensors offer real-time monitoring, analytics, and alerts for better decision-making. With seamless integration and compatibility with Deplofy’s IoT sim and platform, businesses can optimize their operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience.

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