Point of Sales (POS)

Connect your POS seamlessly with Deplofy IoT SIM

PoS (Point of Sales) are most commonly equipped with wireless terminals that are used to process card payments. When those are not connected to the internet they can lead to lost operations and revenues

It is critical that you equip your payment terminals with Deplofy’s IoT SIM card so you make sure that during your transactions, your system will be able to confirm that the funds from your customer’s bank account are sufficient

WiFi is sometimes not completely reliable from a security threats perspective as well as from a signal loss risk perspective. So you want to make sure your payment terminals will remain connected and Deplofy’s IoT SIM card offers you that peace of mind with its Failover solution.

With Deplofy’s IoT SIM card your vendors become mobile. This is key in order to be able to provide to your customers the level of services we all now expect, like being able to pay at the table of a restaurant. And today, more and more businesses are not necessarily tied to an ethernet cable and finding a public-wifi signal to be able to process transactions is not always possible or safe. A terminal connected via cellular will allow you to operate anywhere without any additional infrastructure

Costwise Deplofy’s IoT SIM card is also a very good option for your wireless terminals. You want to avoid additional fees such as activation, terminal provisioning, or per-transaction fees.


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