Connect your favorite cellular tablet brand seamlessly with Deplofy data SIM

Mobility-as-a-Service (“MaaS”) apps contribute to carbon reduction goals but not only. They deliver social benefits by improving cities’ living space, making transport easier, and cheaper. Those apps benefit from the automatic connection of SIM cards to the best network available in the area and seamless network coverage 

E-scooters equipped with IoT SIM cards are now present in many cities. Tracking functionalities enabled by cellular connectivity represent several benefits for users as well as for scooters operators 

As a user, with your smartphone you can easily locate the closest available scooter. Thanks to built-in navigation aids in the scooter, you can choose the fastest route and easily find the closest available parking 

As a fleet operator you will appreciate the benefits of having your scooters equipped with cellular connectivity. Such as keeping track of your fleet at all times, identifying in use and available scooters, optimizing scooters locations for more revenue, founding back lost units or retrieving data on distances traveled and driving usage

But reliable connectivity is crucial for e-mobility fleets to be successful and Deplofy’s IoT SIM cards bring you this peace of mind.


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