Incorporate innovative IoT solutions at Airports

Airports all over the world are challenged by constant traveler growth, the necessity to be more efficient, to increase their revenues, to improve security and to meet ever-augmenting expectations of the passengers. Airports need solutions that can significantly improve the management of their facilities and the comfort of their customers 

We are here to help ease that burden with a family of wireless sensors ready to solve problems, automatize operations and bring better experiences to the passengers

Temperature sensors

  • Monitor and make sure it is comfortable in the different areas 
  • Detect and report temperature anomalies
  • Optimize heating and cooling systems

Water sensor

  • The reduction of water consumption by identifying anomalous patterns in water use or flow that may indicate a faulty system
  • The detection of water leakage that can help facility managers reduce costs and downtime by alerting them to these concerns beforehand

Air quality sensors

Will contribute to a better health and comfort for the passengers and a higher productivity of the tenants in the different areas

AC meters sensors

Offers real-time data on energy use, enabling facility managers to identify opportunities for energy reduction and any excessive energy consumption

Open-closed sensors

Higher security and easier management of restricted areas

Motion and occupancy sensors

  • Better security management by detecting unusual behavior and informing authorities
  • More efficient maintenance program by identifying high-traffic areas

GPS trackers for assets management

  • Locate easily and rapidly the assets needed
  • Have an optimized distribution of the assets 
  • Obtain real time usage
  • Reduce lost and stolen property

Wireless tablets for ground crew

Connecting terminals and televisions for passenger’s information and entertainment

Mobile POS for passenger’s comfort in restaurants, lounges and airport retailers


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