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The main purpose of a dashboard camera, also known as the dashcam, is to record all the events while you are driving. But not only as more sophisticated cameras offer advanced functionalities such as:

  • Forward and rear-facing recording
  • Detecting when the driver is about to nod off or is not keeping his eyes on the road
  • Recording even if the car is off thanks to their GPS sensors or motion sensors that overlay the location, time and speed

Some of the main benefits of a dashcam

  • Recording evidence in the case of an accident in order to establish responsibilities among the parts involved. Footage can be shared with affected parties and Police
  • Identifying criminals actions towards your own vehicle or taking place around it
  • Detecting if the drivers of your vehicles are doing it responsibly and within the driving policy of your company
  • Preventing insurance fraud. Some drivers may deliberately cause an accident in an effort to gain money from the insurance company

Today a dash cam is very cost-effective and easy to install. It is a great investment, especially for fleet owners as they will be able to save a lot of money should an accident occur.


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