Digital Signage

Connect your digital signage wireless router

Digital signage remits to display technologies, such as LED walls or LC monitors, that can be found in public spaces, museums, sporting events, academic institutions, retail stores, restaurants among others. Digital signage is used to communicate all kinds of content: promotions, service offerings, maps, travel information, news, directories, events schedules, menus, social media,….

Display solutions have a particular value next to point-of-sales where the audience waiting in the checkout line is already captive and ready to buy. This is the opportunity for the brands and the retail store to keep the customers engaged and provoque impulse purchases

Digital signage is also key for any brand and company who wants to interact or gain some feedback through multi-touch navigation and intuitive screens. You bring to your audience a modern and fun tool to interact with you and thanks to it will get more engagement. You will also be able to deliver a completely customized experience and information to each viewer.

The demand for high-resolution content display capacity is growing everywhere and with it the need of easy to deploy solutions. That’s where Deplofy’s IoT SIM cards can help you avoid the often troublesome WiFi connections and rapidly activate your digital signage solution


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