Connect your drones with Deplofy IoT SIM

Drones have demonstrated to be very beneficial in many aspects 

They enhance sustainability by decarbonizing for instance operations related to infrastructure inspection or goods delivery

They impulse greater equity by enabling the delivery of food and medical supplies to vulnerable populations

They bring more safety. In high risk environments or natural disaster zones, inspections do not necessarily require human presence anymore. Law enforcement can rely on drones to perform dangerous operations such as bomb threats assessment or hostage negotiations.

Drones are key in the supply chain upgrading process that is necessary to meet growing demand. In the agriculture sector for instance they allow crop and livestock monitoring, irrigation management and fertilization  

In order to bring your drone to the next level and be able to download a firmware update, an app or a local map, even if you don’t have wifi coverage, make sure to be always connected to the internet by equipping your drone with Deplofy’s IoT SIM cards. They are more rugged and durable than consumer SIM cards for drone flight conditions


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