AI Camera

Connect you AI camera with Deplofy IoT SIM

AI cameras are simply cameras that use AI programs to wisely deal with images and videos. It has integrated imaging features such as image classification, image recognition and image processing 

  • To classify images AI cameras automatically tag them to several classifications to identify and capture the right image at the right time.
  • To recognise images AI cameras can assign every pixel to a particular classification. This feature enables instant object recognition
  • AI cameras process images to infer on the edge and allow automated decision-making and automated human tasks

Artificial intelligence (AI) cameras use machine learning (ML) in order to provide richer information and benefits in several use cases such as:

  • Traffic management
  • Smart parking
  • Smart farming
  • Security
  • Retail analysis


You can equip your AI cameras with Deplofy’s SIM cards as you will gain mobility. Your cameras will be able to transmit or receive video signals over the Internet wirelessly, eliminating the need for complicated cable and fiber connections.  With higher mobility AI cameras can run on the edge enhancing the decentralization of computing power and greater work efficiency.


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