From operating heavy equipment to predicting machine maintenance to monitoring worksite access, there are hundreds of things going on at a construction site at one time. Using our Wireless Sensors to leverage your next project with the peace of mind presented by the Internet of Things is one of the smartest decisions you can make today.

On the job, you’ll have the real-time data you need to streamline processes, improve safety, and boost productivity across your projects.

Hook up the Dry Contact Sensor to the seat of an excavator or other tractor-type heavy machinery for equipment usage monitoring and be alerted when the equipment’s operating. If you’re working on a multi-level building, a gas sensor can alert you if carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or hydrogen sulfide are present in the atmosphere.

Monitoring your projects with wireless devices helps to keep you on time and on budget using actionable data. Our  Express software operates without the Internet. So even if you’re on a remote job site with limited Internet connectivity, you can still work within a secure web of technology. 80+ wireless sensors have hundreds of uses to modernize multiple worksites and keep you connected no matter where you are.

What we provide

Recommended Sensors

The Wireless Tilt Detection Sensor monitors rotation on a single axis, and our Wireless Tilt Sensor measures acceleration on three axes. Both are reliable equipment, mechanical movement, and building sensors to help round out the features and capabilities of any remote construction site and wireless industrial equipment monitoring system. They are best for measuring structural changes during construction activities, including tunneling, excavating, de-watering, and monitoring loading gates, beams, overhead doors, ramps, machinery joints, and more. You can easily install these sensors for many industrial use cases at any construction site.

Detect water leaks and potential damage at buildings under construction. Leaks are bad news no matter where you work. Wireless Water Rope Sensor detects leaks anywhere along the length of its 10-foot cable, with extensions available. You can install the Water Rope along pipes, windowsills, doorways, walkways anywhere you’re afraid water may seep in and ruin your progress. Drop a Wireless Water Detection Puck Sensor in crawl spaces, around new plumbing, and where you suspect water may pool or even flood to be alerted 24/7 if it does. These leak detection sensors can help save construction companies the cost of water waste and damage.

Vehicles are constantly coming in and out of a construction worksite. Our related Wireless Vehicle Detect/Counter Sensor reads the number of vehicles and heavy machinery rolling over a 9-ft long rubber hose. It also can record how long vehicles are in an area. Settings for when this sensor alerts you via text, email, or call can be managed right from your phone. We makes sure your worksite is secure and running efficiently.

Managing access through restricted areas at a worksite can be a time-consuming process. With our Open-Closed Sensor installed to monitor the opening and closing of a door, window, or container lid, you can remotely monitor activity from your phone. This sensor can be set to have delayed alerts and schedule activity throughout the day. Add these sensors to your job site monitoring system and know valuable assets and equipment are secure. The Open-Closed Sensor is one of Deplofy best-selling devices for a reason; add this to your shopping cart today.

Three select sensors are available for remotely monitoring toxic gas in the atmosphere at construction sites or in buildings. Our Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor is essential for any site where fossil fuels burn to detect odorless and flammable gas. The Wireless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor is a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) device that alerts you when CO2 readings reach an unhealthy level. If you’re working at or near a sewer, an ALTA Wireless Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Sensor manages readings of this rotten egg-smelling gas.

We provide three Wireless AC Current Meters capable of monitoring any piece of construction equipment, big or small, to evaluate excess power consumption. Install our industrial 20, 150, and 500 Amp AC Current Meters for monitoring construction machinery across your sites. This can help manage energy bills and ensure that you stay within budget. Furthermore, machinery that regularly uses vast amounts of power could be a sign of impending mechanical failure.

Wireless Differential Air Pressure Sensor, Wireless 50 PSIG Pressure Meter, and Wireless 300 PSIG Pressure Meter for complete construction site monitoring. The Differential Air Pressure Sensor is best for managing ventilation. The 50 PSIG and 300 PSIG Pressure Meters can read how pressurized gas, liquid, or vapor circulates through a supply line. As with all our Sensors, data readings and alerts are delivered right to your phone for easy access to give you greater peace of mind.

We offer Wireless Vibration Meter and Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter for your construction machine and equipment remote monitoring needs. The Vibration Meter measures g-force on three axes to determine speed and frequency. Its best use is to install the device directly on the machinery, tool, equipment, etc., you are monitoring. The leaded Advanced Vibration Meter is an award-winning industrial equipment and heavy machinery monitor. It has a cube to deliver readings on three axes based on acceleration, velocity, displacement, or acceleration peak.


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