Energy Exploration

With the increasing needs for both carbon fuel and alternative energy, exploration and production margins are scrutinized to the penny. With industry leading, robust and reliable wireless sensors exploration process and equipment generate timely data to assist in the managing of up-to-the-second assessments and observations allowing for the streamlining of throughput, control of safety measures and tracking of margin influencing trends.

The possibilities for data exploitation in the energy industry are endless and cover the spectrum including things as diverse as

  • electricity loads on equipment
  • gas emissions monitoring
  • bearing and motor heat and motion
  • equipment position validation
  • line pressure monitoring
  • battery or fuel level assessment

With our energy industry companies can save on nearly every process of bringing this important resource to market. Over 80 sensors allow for a comprehensive remote monitoring solution that give critical data insight into the analytics that are the precursor to energy enterprise efficiencies.

What we provide

Recommended Sensors

Why monitor vibration on one axis when you can watch all three? That’s the idea behind the Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter from Us. The sensor assembles reports on vibration, frequency, crest factor, duty cycle, and temperature to explain how machinery functions. Assembly lines and seismic monitoring activity are both preferred uses for this device.

Elevated Carbon Monoxide levels are dangerous for both you and your employees. The Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor monitors levels for this harmful gas. Data points are regularly taken automatically and displayed in an easy-to-read graphical form. Alerts are sent directly to your phone, so you are alerted whenever readings detect elevated CO conditions.

Our Wireless Pressure Sensors take measurements up to 50 PSIG and 300 PSIG and report those readings right to your phone. The device is capable of assessing pressurized gas, liquid, or vapor supply line. User customization enables you to set your thresholds and receive notifications from anywhere.

The Wireless Temperature Sensor is the best-selling device for a reason. Reliable and accurate readings on your physical environment are automatically recorded for straightforward interpretation. Easy to install, this sensor can be up and running in just 15 minutes

There’s no better tool for measuring passive loads than a Wireless Resistance Sensor. As with all our sensors, the device sleeps for a period of time before regularly waking up to report its readings to the online cloud interface. The user configures defined thresholds straight from any desktop or mobile device.

We provides a Wireless Voltage Detection sensor for monitoring the power status of equipment and machinery. The device returns data as “Voltage Detected” or “No Voltage” as it monitors batteries, adapters, solar equipment, and vehicles. There’s virtually no piece of machinery or equipment that can’t be managed with a own device.

If you’re in charge of managing a light-sensitive area, the Wireless Light Meter from us may be right for you. This meter is ideal for measuring the lux intensity of art museums, photo studios, and laboratories. Users can customize just about everything from their desktop or mobile device.

The newest addition to the Accelerometer family, the Wireless Tilt Detection Sensor, records degree orientation on a single axis. Best used for gates and bay doors, the Tilt Detection Sensor’s axis is defined by you. This easy to install sensor can be mounted on any level surface to deliver accurate reports straight to your phone in as little as fifteen minutes.


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