Green, Solar, and Renewable Energy

Green, clean, solar, and other renewable energy resources increasingly power our current and future existence. And the Internet of Things (IoT) helps to escalate the growth and elevate the adoption of smart, green energy with wind turbines, hydroelectric, solar power, and more condition monitoring solutions.

Remote monitoring using IoT Sensors can help streamline the production of green and renewable power solutions from generation to transmission to distribution. Strategically connected in various places as monitoring solutions for wind turbines and hydroelectric dams, and nuclear, solar, and geothermal power plants, Our IoT Devices are on the job.

Our Sensors and Meters can instantly let you know when any variable changes from your preset parameters. The cases for using related Remote Monitoring Solutions in green and renewable applications are virtually limitless. With more than 80 Sensors to deploy, you’re sure to collect an abundance of actionable data to keep your operations running safely, sustainable, and strong.

What we provide

Recommended Sensors

Not one. Not two. But all three axes can be monitored using our award-winning Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter (AVM). This sensor also measures several vibration-related functions of machines. Did we mention seismic monitoring? It does that too. It’s an essential sensor to create the best solar or wind turbine vibration monitoring system. You’ll get data on vibration, frequency, crest factor, displacement, velocity, duty cycle, and temperature to help predict maintenance and protect assets with these multi-use meters. Monitor vibration in many environments and on many machines with our versatile Vibration Meters operating as solar power and panel sensors, power plant sensors, hydroelectric sensors, wind turbine sensors, and more.

If you work in a light-sensitive area, you can measure the intensity of light in lux 24/7. Our Wireless Lux Light Meter remotely measures a range of 0-83,000 lux indoors and will immediately alert you if an environment or asset moves outside of a preset parameter. This meter comes in handy when you need to protect critical assets and maintain a safe environment throughout your solar power or hydroelectric monitoring operations.

It’s critical to maintain temperatures for environments, processes, assets, and workers when managing a green energy facility. Wireless and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Temperature Sensors come in commercial, enterprise, and industrial models spanning from -200°C to +150°C (-328°F to +302°F) to -50°C to +370°C (-58°F to +700°F) for virtually any application. We also build custom temperature sensors for unique green, clean, and renewable energy use cases.

There’s no better tool for measuring passive loads than our Wireless Resistance Sensor. As with all our Sensors, the device sleeps for some time before regularly waking up to report its readings to related Software. Of course, our Resistance Sensor will immediately alert you should anything change from your preset parameters. You can configure thresholds straight from any desktop or mobile device. Measure passive resistance loads up to 250K Ohms in various energy manufacturing processes and applications, including wind turbines, solar plants, or hydroelectric power plant monitoring.

Is a machine in your plant consuming more energy than it should? Is a solar panel’s motor drawing an abnormal amount of power? Monitor energy usage or power draw with one of our Wireless AC Current Meters, and you’ll know when to schedule maintenance or replacement. These sensors are excellent monitoring solutions for solar panels and electrically powered machines. We also offer our Wireless Three-Phase Current Meters to find irregularities in amp hours, and root means square (RMS) current, and duty cycle with equipment and power supplies. Knowing these measurements can save you time and money by helping prevent costly problems.

The Wireless Voltage Meters and Detect Sensors are ideal for monitoring equipment and machinery’s power status or battery charge. The device returns data as “Voltage Detected” or “No Voltage” as it monitors batteries, adapters, equipment, and vehicles. We offer 0–200 VDC and 0–500 VAC Voltage Meters and Detection Sensors so you can remotely monitor and always know the voltage during real-time solar panel condition monitoring, SunPower monitoring, geothermal monitoring, or wind farm monitoring.

With passive infrared (PIR) sensors, you can monitor virtually any area for motion and occupancy in or around your facilities. Increase security and protect assets with our Wireless PIR Motion and Occupancy Detection Sensors. They’re easily installed within 15 minutes and can give you standard motion ranges and a wide-angle viewing option for solar plant monitoring and hydroelectric power plant monitoring. Safeguard what’s important with us.

Know when a door, lid, cabinet, gate, or window is open—especially after hours. Easily install and monitor the open-closed status of critical areas in and around your facilities with our Wireless Open-Closed Sensors. Get an alert via text, email, or call if something’s opened or left open at any time. You can quickly configure the sensors on our iCloud Software dashboard to remotely monitor status and access patterns. Even though we offer a variety of sensor types, we can custom-fit them to your solar or PV monitoring system and hydroelectric monitoring needs.

Our Wireless Pressure Meters can help you remotely monitor the pressure in machines, pumps, or anywhere it’s critical to measure. The Pressure Meters are available in 50 and 300-pounds per square gauge (PSIG) meters. Our industrial options feature solar power and a high-gain leaded puck antenna. You’ll be sure to stay right on top of critical processes and industrial equipment in power plants or solar farms with these devices.

At any moment, there could be water where it shouldn’t be in your energy production facilities. The Wireless Water Detection Sensors can immediately alert you if that’s the case. If something bursts or leaks liquid, you can know quickly with our Water Detection Rope running along a wall, pipe, or hall. Or using  Water Detection Puck virtually anywhere on the floor. Avoid everything from a slip and fall to damaged expensive assets with these versatile sensors.


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