• Deplofy Logistics solves several problems in the delivery and goods transportation fields. It helps organize carriage, optimize the related processes, and reduce costs.
  • In the web version of Deplofy Logistics, dispatchers can effectively control the delivery, while the mobile application facilitates the work of couriers and other field workers.

Who is this solution for?

Scope of application

Process automation
Reduce mistakes in the work of dispatchers, couriers, and other staff with automatic order distribution, route sheets, notifications and more.

Personnel under control
Control the entire delivery service. Use reports to analyze and improve the work of dispatchers and mobile workers.

Saving time and money
Efficiently allocate fleet resources and deliver orders faster.

Reduction of fuel costs
Save fuel by offering couriers the most optimal routes.

Increase customer experience
Deliver orders on time; inform customers in advance about the delivery time; show in real-time the courier’s location.

Web app for dispatchers


• Create and import orders from other systems or via the API.
• Enter details for every order: customer data, costs, cargo characteristics, unloading time, etc.
• Attach photos and PDF files to the order and view them.
• Use a convenient search to find the required orders effortlessly.

Delivery Planning

• Configure the system for various delivery scenarios: take into account the weight and volume of goods, the location of the vehicle, etc.
• Link vehicles and certain zones for better delivery planning.
• Select orders on the map and in the order table, use the automatic distribution of orders for selected cars.
• Edit routes: cancel orders, transfer them to another courier, change the execution sequence, etc.


• Track the routes execution on the map and in the table.
• Monitor the order status.
• Use automatically generated route sheets.
• Edit active routes: assign orders to other couriers, add new orders.
• The information you need is always at hand: the route status filter will help you find and view all active, planned, and fulfilled routes.


• Get information about active, planned, and fulfilled routes in reports.
• Use information from reports to optimize the work of couriers.

Mobile app for couriers


• Accept/reject orders.
• Check the route.
• View information about the order: your location, distance to the client, the route status, etc.,
• Send photos and text messages to the dispatcher via chat.
• Get notifications from the dispatcher about changes in the order.
• Instantly contact the client using the call button.

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