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Material handling and loading dock, logistics, cold chain, and warehouse safety monitoring can present a fair share of challenges. But you may be surprised to see how many of them can be solved with a IoT monitoring system.

Remotely monitoring warehouse and logistics operations with our monitoring solutions is the fiscally responsible way to gain peace of mind. Our 80+ wireless sensors can easily combine for 24/7 warehouse monitoring of everything from the smooth opening of bay doors to the hum of machinery to seamless machine health monitoring.

Installing a single wireless monitoring sensor can remarkably improve efficiency. Suppose you’re an inventory control manager, a warehouse supervisor, or a logistics director, and you’ve been searching for relief from manual data logging and operations checking. In that case, our IoT warehouse monitoring system is for you.

What we provide

Recommended Sensors

Bay doors are constantly opening and closing, causing temperatures to fluctuate. Make warehouse temperature monitoring easier with our Wireless Temperature Sensor. You can automate logistics temperature monitoring with a versatile warehouse sensor that reads and reports on temps from -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F). All our Temperature Sensors are equipped with automatic data logging capabilities for regular, accurate readings. Our warehouse temperature monitoring solutions can help you track your cold chain logistics and simplify refrigerated and frozen warehouse storage monitoring.

Warehouse conditions, safety, and environmental monitoring can easily be integrated and streamlined using our Wireless Open-Closed Sensor. The status of virtually any door or window can be assessed as you work to monitor warehouse security. Our Open-Closed Sensor can be a key part of any warehouse remote monitoring system. Add the sensor strategically to support warehouse temperature, humidity, and storage monitoring. The sensor works by using a magnet to read whether a door is open or closed. Our Open-Closed Sensors can be deployed in any facility or warehouse throughout the world

The risk standing water poses to any warehouse’s safe operation cannot be understated. our solution is covered with various Wireless Water Detection Sensors designed to monitor warehouses by detecting leaks and water pooling at the first sign of trouble. Spot detection sensors like the Water Detect Plus and Water Puck can be placed at sites where water is most likely to collect. A Water Rope can be wound around a pipe fixture to alert on water presence anywhere along its cable length. Add Water Detection Sensors for a complete warehouse performance monitoring and safety management system.

If activity detection and security are top concerns at your warehouse facility, Wireless Motion Detection and Occupancy Sensors could be precisely what you need. The device uses passive infrared (PIR) technology in place of pictures and video to capture movement in the workplace. It’s the easy, safe, and confidential way to add oversight—especially after hours—to your warehouse monitoring operations 24/7. Place our Motion and Occupancy Sensors in strategic locations and near other sensors like Open-Closed Sensors to better monitor warehouse security, machine use, and production activities.

Excessive power drain from machinery can hurt your budget as energy bills skyrocket. Attaching a Wireless AC Current Meter to any piece of warehouse electrical equipment or machinery like balers can alert on significant power consumption to help spot malfunctions and save money. Another way we keep an eye on your bottom line. Monitor warehouse equipment with the AC Current Meter to predict maintenance and prevent unplanned downtime. Three different AC Current Meters—20, 150, and 500 Amp—mean you have what you need to round out your warehouse remote monitoring of a variety of equipment.

Managing vehicles for inventory management and shipping and receiving can get complicated. Warehouse logistics, performance, safety, and shipping monitoring can come into play all at the same time. Between forklifts and shipping trucks, an average warehouse can be full of vehicle traffic. So warehouse hazard monitoring is critical too. Our Wireless Vehicle Count/Detect Sensor uses a 9-foot hose to monitor the number of rubber tires rolling in, out, and about your facility. You can easily make adjustments to count 2-axle or 4-axle motor vehicles right from your phone.

Incorporate Wireless Tilt Detection Sensors into any warehouse facility to provide updates on the raising and lowering of bay doors. It’s part of our Accelerometer family that uses three axes to deliver readings on bay doors, loading docks, and parking barrier gates as a pivotal player in a complete warehouse monitoring system. The possibilities and benefits this one sensor could offer the warehouse and logistics sides of your business are impressive. Monitor warehouse machinery and heavy equipment as it moves and operates. Tilt Detection Sensors can alert managers about machine movement and motor malfunctions, and hydraulics performance.

The Wireless Dry Contact Sensor measures the connection made between two wires. This sensor is advantageous in forklift seat switches, production line operation, and gate monitoring. When used in warehouse storage, inventory, and logistics monitoring, the sensor can alert managers as vehicles, equipment, and products are used in production, shipping, and receiving. Be alerted via email, text, or call if the points break contact or make contact. The incredible versatility offered by our products, and the Dry Contact Sensor is an excellent examples of that.

Managing relative humidity (RH) and maintaining optimal levels is difficult. Optimal warehouse humidity levels should be from 40-50% RH. The Wireless Humidity Sensor monitors RH with a +/- 3% accuracy, plus temperature and dew point. It’s another essential sensor in our IoT monitoring systems. High humidity levels promote the growth of mold, corrosion, and rust on facilities, equipment, and inventory. It can also cause condensation, which creates conditions fit for pests. Trusting remote warehouse humidity monitoring with a Humidity Sensor is the best way to foster healthy, productive environments.


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