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As a manufacturing or production manager, you take ultimate responsibility for so many processes and regulations. With limited hours in the day, how do you find time to oversee it all? Remote machine condition monitoringmanufacturing facility monitoring, and production line monitoring can improve your visibility into what’s happening virtually everywhere in your operations.

Real-time and trending data from equipment and machine health or condition monitoring sensors enable predictive maintenance best practices to reduce machine and production line downtime. The Internet of Things (IoT) can help you turn condition-monitoring sensor data into advanced analytics to boost efficiency across your organization and transform manufacturing and production processes.

Get real-time alerts for situations that require your attention. Our IoT sensors will let you know if motors vibrate irregularly or excessively, temperatures are off, machine power drops, equipment fails, humidity is high, and so much more. With such a broad line of sensors, you can monitor many things from one platform even on your mobile device.

Always know your manufacturing or production process is optimized with our Wireless Sensors.

What we provide

Recommended Sensors

Install our Wireless Temperature Sensors throughout your manufacturing or production facilities to ensure the conditions on your floor stay just right. Our Temperature Sensors are the perfect condition-based monitors of machines and facilities. As machine or equipment health sensors, they can tell you if cold storage or refrigeration environments are at the proper and safe temperatures, if your HVAC system is functioning correctly, or if motors get too hot. All data readings are automatically recorded and digitally logged for review straight from your phone. These remote temperature condition monitoring sensors let you know your environment’s status wherever and whenever you are.

Whether you need to monitor assembly line vibration, the tilt of a ramp, or the rotation of a machine part, Our family of Wireless Accelerometers, Vibration Meters, and Tilt Sensors has the right device for you. Increasing efficiency on production lines has never been more effortless. Let these remote equipment health sensors give you the data you need to predict maintenance and prevent unplanned downtime. Remotely monitor processes from inventory to assembly to packaging. Easily conduct machine vibration monitoring using Our Advanced Vibration Meter or put our Industrial Vibration Meter to work in equipment vibration monitoring. Our Wireless G-Force Snapshot and Max-Avg Accelerometers are ideal for assembly line and machine motor monitoring.

Nothing slows down a manufacturing floor or production line like a water leak. Our solution has the Water Detect+ Sensor, Water Rope, and Water Detection Puck ready to install. These industrial monitoring sensors send alerts about plumbing leaks in restrooms, pooling water near pipes, or flooding around water fountains directly to your phone to help you keep facilities and workers safe. Place Wireless Water Detection Sensors throughout buildings to monitor everything from water heaters to boilers to plumbing. That’s the peace of mind you get with us.

Forklift seat switches and production line tracking are just two ways a Wireless Single Input Pulse Counter can help manufacturers increase efficiency. Our Pulse Counters can be easily combined with a Dry Contact Sensor or mechanical switches to count use frequency or actuation. These industrial monitoring sensors can help you assess equipment lifecycles, availability, and productivity. Our Pulse Counter is an excellent example of how our 80+ sensor line can be deployed in literally thousands of surprising and unique ways. Contact us to learn how we can take remote monitoring burdens off your back.

The Interface Meter family includes wireless remote monitoring devices like the Dry Contact Sensor. You can integrate the Dry Contact Sensor to make your production line hum like a well-oiled machine in any process where contact is made between two points. Easily integrate these wireless production line monitoring sensors with other industrial and scientific devices to collect information about important manufacturing processes. Our Wireless Interface Meters and Sensors give you the flexibility to remotely monitor battery health, door status, device voltage, production line count, equipment actuation, and much more. Just some of the many ways we help ease manufacturing processes.

Evaluating the power draw on machines and systems across your manufacturing or production facility is the best way to save money on energy bills. Installing ALTA AC Current Meters will help you gauge which machines are using the most power. The meter is also ideal for remote machine monitoring in predictive maintenance management. With single-phase and three-phase current meters, you can record and track amperage up to 500 Amps. Measure current use by root mean square (RMS) average and amp-hours to manage performance, so you can better control operation, forecast problems with equipment, and save money.

The air workers breathe is among the many critical elements measured and regulated in manufacturing and production facilities. Monitoring the concentrations of harmful contaminants in the atmosphere is key to keeping employees happy and healthy and complying with safety regulations. An Air Quality Meter from our evaluates particulate matter (PM) types—PM1, PM2.5, and PM10—present in the environment around the sensor. The indoor air quality (IAQ) sensor will send you a phone alert via text, email, or call if PM levels exceed your preset thresholds. There’s no better way to help you breathe easier than trusting your manufacturing operations with us.

To remotely monitor the voltage on direct and alternating currents of virtually any manufacturing machine or system, you need Wireless Voltage Meters and Detection Sensors. our offers industrial-grade devices capable of monitoring and detecting the power status or voltage levels up to 200 VDC and 500 VAC. These wireless condition monitoring sensors and meters will help you keep machines ready and running whenever and wherever you need them in your manufacturing and production facilities. You can monitor any machine—big or small—with our Voltage Meter and Detection Sensor.


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