Marina and boat monitoring

The devices like bilge pump sensors in yachts or container ships are at work during every stage of the shipping process, whether in port or at sea. All sorts of problems can happen to boats in the freight and cruise line business. Internal water damage might be the least of your worries if you also have security and equipment voltage issues.

It’s hard work managing a ship that is 1,200 feet (366m) long, but it can be more comfortable. From ultra-large container vessels to small feeders, remote monitoring devices are easily installable on any container ship. As your shipment travels on lakes, rivers, and oceans, are you worried about asset damage, bilge pump performance, cargo temperature, ventilation, airflow, or air velocity? We can help with that.

Whatever she’s named and wherever she goes, you need to take care of your boat, ship, or yacht 24/7. Wireless Sensors in our IoT boat monitoring solutions give you access to all of the essential aspects of your vessel from anywhere. All that worry and concern can be gone with remote monitoring, instant data logging, and real-time alerts delivered straight to your smartphone.

What we provide

Recommended Sensors

Extreme temperatures can damage anything, especially assets on your container ship. Nothing makes shipping temperature-sensitive products easier than investing in a waterproof Wireless Temperature Sensor from us. They’re the ideal boat and yacht monitors. Data is logged regularly and automatically for you to access right from your phone or PC. Related Temperature Sensors are part of a preferred marina, port, or harbor facility monitoring system.

Being out at sea, of course, raises the threat saltwater might cause to your shipment. Our solution hosts various ALTA Wireless Water Detection Sensors for monitoring spots and safeguarding areas where water might leak, flood, or pool. We keep your dry things dry and limit corrosion caused by water damage. A water detection sensor can also combine with other sensors as a plumbing and bilge pump monitoring system.

When batteries lose power, you could be left stranded out at sea. Our Wireless VDC Voltage Detector monitors relays, adapters, and batteries to deliver accurate notifications on the presence or absence of voltage from a direct current. One more way our IoT boat monitoring is there to help you avoid getting into trouble.

With so many crew members on a container ship and passengers on a cruise line, it’s hard to keep confidential or restricted areas secure. Our Wireless Motion Detection Sensor uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to manage traffic and room occupancy. This ship sensor is also valuable in dock, harbor, or marina monitoring. There are no pictures or video images, meaning personal areas stay secret, privacy is maintained, and you have an additional layer of security.

Are the restricted-area doors on your container ship or cruise line continually left open? As an essential boat IoT device, Our Wireless Open-Closed Sensor alerts on open cabinets, doors, lids, and windows using contact made with a magnet. This Sensor is easy to install around all your access points and provides an extra layer of security as an important part of a watercraft monitoring system.

A Wireless AC Current Meter measures the power draw for all your electrical devices on board. It’s a great bilge monitor and a must-have for any remote boat monitoring system. We provide our single-phase Current Meters and Three-Phase Current Meters in 20 Amp, 150 Amp, and 500 Amp versions. There’s virtually no piece of electrical machinery that can’t be monitored with our ship sensor.

The accelerometer family hosts a variety of sensors that can be installed on any ship. The Wireless Tilt Detection Sensor is perhaps the most useful. Able to measure the angle on one axis, the Tilt Detection Sensor is best implemented on ramps, doors, and gates. With 80+ devices to choose from, Our products have the right ship or yacht sensor for your watercraft and harbor monitoring systems.

Ferries are highly frequented by passengers seeking to traverse across large bodies of water in the Northeast and parts of the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. Our Wireless Vehicle Detect/Counter Sensor comes complete with a 9-ft. rubber hose to count any vehicle with a rubber tire. Ferry captains can now accurately understand how many cars they have on board with this versatile device.


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