Pet and animal welfare

Animals are a big part of our lives. Whether as our pet or service animal, living in a zoo, cared for in a shelter or clinic, or deployed through K9 units for investigations and search and rescue operations, their welfare is critically important. That’s why remotely monitoring the precise temperature using our animal welfare monitoring systems inside their environments like a kennel, vehicle, room, or facility should be a top priority.

We provide a Remote Monitoring Solution to keep track of the temperature inside vehicles and buildings. You can receive immediate alerts if the cooling unit in a vehicle fails or if a kennel’s temperature gets too warm. Our solutions are ideal for police dog temperature monitoring while in a vehicle or crate.

While we may enjoy the heat at times, our four-legged family members and friends might not. Many animals, like dogs, don’t handle heat as well as humans. So, we need to be aware of just how hot it may be in animal environments virtually from wherever we are. You can put our Temperature Sensors inside a kennel, or facility, or on a collar and harness.

You can also use Remote Monitoring Solutions to detect water leaks, sense humidity, monitor doors, and gates’ open/closed status, manage cleaning and feeding schedules, maintain equipment, and detect motion and occupancy. All of these caring activities are important to help support the health and safety of your animals.

What we provide

Recommended Sensors

Temperature is a top concern for any business or organization supporting pet and animal welfare. Our Wireless Temperature Sensor is the best way to make sure environmental conditions remain at steady levels. It’s a perfect temperature monitor and K9 vehicle heat alarm system. Excessive cold or hot environmental conditions can drastically affect any living thing, especially those of the four-legged kind. Our solution lets you know when these levels are reached when animals can’t.

According to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), temperatures between 60°F and 68°F with a relative humidity that does not exceed 65% are best for promoting canine health. Our Wireless Humidity Sensor for a kennel, vehicle, and animal care facility monitors alerts on both temperature and humidity conditions to achieve the goal of creating the best possible environment for a man’s best friend.

Doors to kennels and crates are continually opened. Our Wireless Open-Closed Sensor for kennel and K9 unit monitoring will alert you when each door is open to avoid unintentional animal release. The sensor uses a switch and trigger magnet to detect the status of a door or window. Accidents happen, but if a kennel door not latching correctly has you concerned, Our device is the best kennel monitoring solution to give you peace of mind.

Our Wireless Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Detection Sensor uses infrared technology to send alerts about activity detected from a medium to large animal. This monitoring device is handy for making sure animals are all contained within their kennels. The added stress of physically having to assess many canines in crates at once is gone now that you can check in with our devices on your phone.

Water bowls for canines can be messy. Will you know if they happen to spill the contents of their only source of water accidentally? Or do you worry about plumbing leaks after hours? A Wireless Water Detection Puck or Water Rope placed in areas where water might collect will alert you if there’s a problem. We take the guesswork and worries out of caring for your animal’s needs so that you can focus on more important things.

The Wireless Thermostats are virtually tamper-proof from employees and designed specifically for remote configuration and monitoring. All settings for this device are only accessible through our related cloud account. So there’s no risk of a pet kennel housing dogs or other animals getting too hot. Kennel and K9 unit temperature monitoring are much more manageable when combining our Thermostats into your animal welfare monitoring systems

Even things you wouldn’t think could be remotely monitored can significantly benefit from our Sensor. A Wireless Button Press Sensor records time-stamped data whenever the button is pressed or not pressed. This is a great way to have a history of crate/kennel cleanings and daily walking digitally. You and your staff can get an alert via text, email, or call with a press of a button. Monitoring for cleaning, when service is complete, or when something is wrong is easier with the Button Press Sensor.

Excessive power draw-in equipment can both create problems and be a sign of problems to come. A Wireless AC Current Meter monitoring HVAC system performance and other equipment is the best way to manage your power consumption to save on your energy bill and forecast mechanical failure. Avoid facility downtime by predicting and planning equipment maintenance. A key part of a complete kennel monitoring solution, the AC Current Meter will help you fix problems before they interrupt operations.


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