Vaccine Monitoring

COVID-19 created an incomparable global public health crisis. But everyone from healthcare workers to biotech firms to technology innovators has generated a remarkable response. The swift, safe development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is a significant example of this monumental effort to combat the coronavirus.

With the proper vaccine temperature monitoring solutions, you can easily protect inventory and meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Health Service (NHS) vaccine storage and vaccine data logging requirements.

Monitoring Solutions for vaccines, track and log freezer, fridge, shipping container, lab, and clinic temperatures. Reduce the risk of unsafe vaccines and expensive loss with easy-to-use vaccine temperature data logger solutions.

How are vaccine temperatures monitored? You can use a complete system of sensors, a gateway, and data logging software to ensure vaccines stay safe across the entire cold chain. We can help you maintain proper vaccine temperatures during production, testing, delivery, storage, and thawing.

Our versatile Monitoring Solutions include:

  • Wireless Standard, Digital, and Low Temperature, and other essential Sensors for 24/7 remote monitoring and logging are available)
  • Our Cellular & Ethernet Gateway allow our Wireless Sensors to communicate with our intelligent Monitoring and Notification Software
  • Our temperature buffer accessories insulate our Temperature Sensor leads and help protect temperature sensing and data accuracy

What we provide

Recommended Sensors:

Maintaining low temperatures for highly sensitive environments, processes, and assets is critical when managing a cold chain, lab, or hospital. Our family of Wireless, Wi-Fi, and PoE Low-Temperature Sensors can help you remotely monitor a temperature range at +/- 0.5°C calibrated accuracy from -200°C to 0°C/-328°F to 32°F to help you keep valuable and vital assets like vaccines safe. The perfect temperature monitoring system for a vaccine fridge or freezer provides a compliant monitoring log. A 13-month NIST certificate is available.

Our versatile line of Standard Temperature Sensors can help you remotely monitor temperatures in virtually any area, environment, or facility. You can use the sensors for various healthcare and biotech settings. Or, let us customize one of our Standard Temperature Sensors for your unique application. Our Standard Temperature Sensors track ambient and water temps between -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F) with optional probes (ranging from 3–100’). A 25-month NIST traceable certificate is available.

You can know at a moment’s notice the air temperature (-40°C to +150°C/-40°F to +302°F) in an HVAC supply plenum and any attached ductwork with our Wireless Duct Temperature Sensors. They’ll help you remotely and accurately monitor duct temperatures while maintaining a sealed system. This way, you’ll easily keep lab and clinic environments safe, vaccine storage areas viable, and people comfortable.

It should only take a push of a button to get an instant read on vaccine temperatures in a walk-in refrigerator, a biotech lab, or a pharmaceutical storage freezer. In one click, our Digital Temperature Sensor offers a quick update of a critical vaccine temperature reading between -40°C to +125°C (-40°F to +257°F) on a four-digit LCD display. You can also instantly send the reading to a cloud storage data log. We’ll help you maintain data retrieval and redundancy mandates across your operations.

An unexpected increase in power draw may mean that your vaccine storage equipment needs service. Remotely monitoring walk-in freezers and coolers can maintain vaccine safety by keeping temperatures within the safe and compliant range. Stay in the know and take corrective actions to fix it before failure and a vaccine temperature excursion event with an AC Current Meter. These sensors are available in 20, 150, and 500 Amp to help you remotely monitor your ultralow vaccine freezer and cooling equipment.

Was the walk-in vaccine freezer door left open? Always be in the know of the open/close status of your freezer monitoring operations to maintain required storage temperatures. These Wireless Open-Closed Sensors are also helpful for restricted area monitoring. Combined with temperature data monitoring, the sensors can help you monitor access patterns and prevent spoiling vaccines.

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