Water Leak Detection

Does your property management plan hold water?

It’s 3 a.m. on a cold, wintry night and your facilities manager is fast asleep. They’re missing the frozen pipe that just burst at your offices, forcing water to rise quickly on the main floor—tens of thousands in water damage and significant lost time spent managing the cleanup and restoration. Luckily, you don’t have to experience this nightmare in real life. Since you installed our Wireless Water Detection Sensors in strategic locations throughout your building, there’s no need to worry about water damage because they act as the best remote flood sensors. Now, you and facility management can sleep soundly, knowing our remote flood alarms will alert you via text, email, or call of the slightest leak.

How does a water leak detector work?

A water leak detector or a sensor detects water by completing the circuit between two wires at the end of a lead or between two probe points. When the detection state changes, a water sensor will immediately turn on the radio and send data to a wireless gateway. The gateway forwards the sensor data to a monitoring app on a mobile device or desktop application. Then the app or cloud software instantly sends an alert via a text, email, or call. Users can set water sensors to detect and alert them about both the presence and absence of water.

What we provide:

Recommended Sensors/Detectors

Water Intrusion Detection

Water leaks and flooding can come from various sources—frozen pipe bursts, clogged drains, malfunctioning air conditioning units, groundwater, stormwater, plumbing and fixtures, server cooling systems, and many more. Our water leak sensors can help you keep uptime high by sending alerts about leaks before they cause significant damage. Our Water Rope, Detect Plus, and Puck Sensors placed strategically throughout your facilities can be your best protection against potential damage from water intrusion.

It’s best to monitor your entire water delivery system for leaks, especially near restroom plumbing and around fixtures like toilets and sinks. Our water detectors are small smart devices that you can quickly install near toilets and under sinks to send alerts about leaks and overflows. Monitor restrooms in any facility 24/7 with our Water Rope along walls or under counters. Just drop Water Pucks behind all your toilets. Then you’ll know instantly via text, email, or call about leaks so you can quickly take action to prevent costly damage.

Like every element of your hot water delivery systems, commercial and industrial water heaters and boilers can wear over time. Our smart water sensors can help you proactively manage and monitor all of your water heaters, boiler rooms, and plumbing from wherever you are, 24/7. Our sensors—Water Puck, Detect Plus, and more—can help you predict maintenance, minimize downtime, mitigate leak and flood damage, and reduce costs. Respond immediately to a leak detection notification if our smart devices detect water around your fleet of water heaters and boilers.

A sump pump monitor can analyze your sump pump’s performance for signs of potential problems and alert you if water levels go out of thresholds or power loss, leaks, and operation issues. The Water Detect Plus Sensor will alert you if water reaches a certain level and a sump pump isn’t on. It’ll work in tandem with our Vibration Meter placed on a sump pump’s tubing to sense that it’s running. Put our smart water sensors to work in building basement pits and across marinas in boat bilges and easily monitor them on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Our remote flood detection sensors work for virtually any industry application. With a water leak sensing and flood detection system, you can respond immediately to the first sign of water where it shouldn’t be. If one of our combined remote flood sensor and temperature sensor solutions detects a leak or pipe freeze, it’ll trigger an alarm via text, email, or call. Then, you can respond quickly to shut off the main water supply and go into fast flood mitigation mode.

Keep walkways, hallways, restrooms, storerooms, refrigeration, and food service areas free of pooling water from liquid spills and leaks. With water leak alarms, you can safeguard your workforce from slip-and-fall accidents. You need the best smart water leak sensors to prevent slips and falls in the workplace caused by wet and flooded surfaces. Know the moment water or liquid is in areas where they shouldn’t be with our IoT monitoring products.


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