IoT in City and Government Operations

Discover how Deplofy IoT revolutionizes city and government operations with smart city solutions, incorporating advanced technologies like facility monitoring, AI cameras, and more. Transform urban landscapes with sustainable practices and enhance the quality of life for citizens.

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Smart City and Facility Monitoring

Harness the power of a smart city by integrating IoT technologies for facility monitoring. Effortlessly track building conditions and optimize energy usage, creating a sustainable urban environment. Transition to a cleaner, more efficient future with green solar and renewable energy.

Collect Actionable Data with IoT Sensors

Our Government Remote Monitoring Solutions help managers efficiently mobilize public employees and empower them with actionable data so they can fix issues and streamline operations.

Our IoT Sensors can optimize all your city and government operations. From logging confidential area access to building structural monitoring to trending water flow during a flood, our IoT sensors connect officials to their communities with data like never before. For example, The Motion Detection Sensor comes with a wider viewing angle, improving the scope at which officials can track facility use or observe restricted area activity using infrared technology.

Comprehensive Datasets

Our IoT sensors can measure temperature, humidity, motion, poisonous gases, wastewater and utility facilities, and many more important data points that can help you improve public and worker safety, services efficiency, and facility operations. Our Express sensor software operates without using the Internet, so even in disaster recovery circumstances where cellular reception is knocked out, you can receive an accurate log of time-stamped data from all your devices. 

Construction and AI Camera Applications

Transform construction projects with AI camera systems that monitor worksites in real-time. Experience increased safety and productivity as the cameras analyze data for potential hazards. Additionally, digital signage keeps workers informed about site updates, ensuring smooth operations.

Scooters and Mobile Broadband Connectivity

Stay connected on the go with mobile broadband, enabling seamless communication for smart scooters and other IoT devices. Enjoy reliable, high-speed internet as you navigate the smart city landscape, and enhance your mobility experience with user-friendly digital signage.

Green Solar and Renewable Energy Integration

Embrace sustainable living by integrating green solar and renewable energy sources into city infrastructure. Reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, paving the way for a greener, more eco-friendly urban environment. Transition to a cleaner future with confidence.

Digital Signage and Payroll Management

Streamline payroll processes with IoT-backed digital signage, providing real-time information on work hours and payments. Experience efficiency and transparency in managing employee wages, fostering a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Deplofy IoT’s comprehensive solutions for city and government operations enable smart city growth and the adoption of sustainable technologies. Benefit from enhanced facility monitoring, construction safety, and eco-friendly energy sources. Experience the future of urban living with Deplofy IoT.

What we provide

Recommended Sensors

Excessive heat and cold impact operations and can often put citizens and employees in danger. Our Standard Temperature Sensor detects conditions in and out of buildings anywhere between -40°F (-40°C) to 257°F (125°C). In-building environmental monitoring is essential, and room or facility temperature tracking is at the forefront. The Temperature Sensor and HVAC Duct Temperature Sensor can work together to monitor structural and system temps throughout public facilities. Waterproof lead wires measuring up to 100 feet can help you take readings from deep within building crawl spaces and HVAC System With this easy-to-install device, you’ll be alerted when thresholds are breached, and it’s time to issue a warning to citizens and occupants about excessive temperatures.

Come the bitter cold of winter months, city halls and other important buildings and infrastructure experience a sharp rise in burst pipes and indoor flooding. Accidents happen, even in the middle of a night or weekend; makes sure you’re alerted when they occur with various Wireless Water Detection Sensors. Whether you have an ALTA Water Detect+, Water Rope, or the award-winning Water Puck, sensor alerts you before flooding or pooling gets out of control. Our Water Detection Sensors help monitor the presence or absence of water for a complete wireless water monitoring system. Drop a Water Puck around restroom fixtures, boilers, water heaters, and more. Place a Water Rope Sensor along walls, walkways, and pipes or within crawl spaces as building structural monitoring sensors. Water and facility management departments can use these sensors throughout buildings and wastewater facilities.

All our Sensors collect vast amounts of time-stamped data. The Wireless Air Quality Meter is no different. The meter can detect particulate matter—PM1, PM2.5, and PM10—pollutants in the atmosphere to gather data on the unhealthy conditions in urban and in-building environments. This indoor air quality (IAQ) sensor provides a critical function for building air handling systems. The Air Quality Meter has the instrumentation necessary for the measurement of the presence of airborne viruses and other harmful bacteria. The meter provides vital information to help HVAC technicians and facility managers maintain clean air throughout civic buildings and structures. Our sensor shows you what you can’t see to increase understanding of city life and help authorities respond safely..

As cities expand, new energy conservation obstacles appear. Our AC Current Meters can monitor any device, machine, or system’s power consumption to forecast issues before they happen. Sensors can monitor anything from traffic lights to a wastewater treatment plant to the vending machine in a break room. When it comes to managing the energy consumption of machines, appliances, and HVAC systems, our Wireless 20, 150, and 500 Amp AC Current Meters can help you predict maintenance and power use.

Some areas need to remain secure and confidential in almost every segment of public service. Our Wireless Open-Closed Sensor audits the activity of doorways to these protected areas. Contact with a magnet is automatically logged as time-stamped data. Monitor access points throughout your facilities. The Open-Closed Sensor is one of the best ways to ensure your buildings’ important areas are secure. Related solution keeps access to restricted areas in the palm of your hand with alerts delivered right to your phone.

Traffic in city hall and other public buildings can be as busy as cars on the highway, but it’s important to protect restricted-area or employee-only access. A Motion Detection Sensor is an easy-to-install device capable of registering activity using passive infrared (PIR) technology, so there’s no risk of photo or video misuse in compliance with confidentiality protocols. The sensor can work in combination with an Open-Closed Sensor to provide strong physical security measures. The sensor can be modified to trigger alerts when an activity or no activity is recorded. All our related devices can also be set to only report data during specific hours of the day right from your phone.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring can provide ventilation data about most in-building spaces. Track every building and HVAC system’s air quality and with  Wireless Carbon Dioxide Sensor. The Carbon Dioxide Sensor can protect everyone—local, state, and federal workers, educators, bus drivers, citizens, and police officers. Our CO2 sensor doesn’t require extensive knowledge to install and set up accurately. You can easily place a Carbon Dioxide Sensor in various areas around your facilities to monitor the levels of CO2 and receive alerts immediately when an unhealthy reading is detected.

It’s one of many concerns of community leaders for the citizens and employees they serve—preventing carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Municipal buildings and facilities need commercial and industrial-grade CO sensors. Housed within a lightweight device, the Wireless Carbon Monoxide Sensor is a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) tool with a 0-1000 PPM measurement range. Even a small presence of carbon monoxide pollutants in the atmosphere can be lethal and detectable with a device like this. This always-on sensor can easily be mounted on any level surface, so it can automatically send readings straight to your mobile device through the our intelligent app. Enhance City and Government Operations with related CO devices.


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